The FLYPOP'R System
The Ultimate Fly Control
The Ultimate Flypop'r System, newly redesigned and further patented, is ready now! New Twin Cable Assemblies (TCA's) have been added to the Flypop'r line choices giving every animal and poultry area, inside and outside, access to the power of The Flypop'r System.

The FLYPOP'R System is a fully adjustable and customized network of attractive overhead lines controlled by the Flypop'r patented power unit. Flies are constantly drawn to roost on the lines which are electrified with a quick safe charge every 3.5 seconds. All the pest flies in the covered area are killed continuously, all day, every day.

The FLYPOP'R System is reasonably priced and easy to install in any size or shape area to maintain a clean and fly-free environment safely and effectively with no chemicals, no ongoing purchases, and no labor.

Safe, chemical free, effortless, and amazingly effective - The FLYPOP'R System is truly the ultimate fly control in any animal or poultry management area.

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